I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.

— John Burroughs


Phone: 319.325.0695

2363 305th Street
North English, Iowa 52316

Tax ID Number: 26-0773013

Directions to Taproot Farm

The trip takes 45-55 minutes from Iowa City

1. Take Melrose Ave/IWV about 25 miles west to Williamsburg and turn left on Hwy 149.  Go 5 miles to Parnell.
2. Stay on 149 as it curves to the right through Parnell.
3. One mile west of Parnell, turn left on O Avenue (a gravel road)

4. Go 2 miles on O Avenue and turn right on 310th Street

5. Go 1/2 mile and turn right on NN Ave

6. Go 1/2 mile and turn left on 305th Street.  Our house is #2363 on the right.

You could take I-80 to the Williamsburg Exit 220 and go left.  Pass through Williamsburg and continue 5 miles to Parnell.  Go to Step 2 above.

Or you could take the Black Diamond road all the way to Parnell (Hwy 149) and then follow the directions from step 2 above.

Taproot Farm Party
Saturday, September 17, 2016
2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
This is going to be so fun. And BIG! Over 300 Taproot friends have RSVP'd. Wow! This note will give some more details, requests, and suggestions for a wonderful afternoon. 
Supervision and Safety
Families will be responsible for the supervision of their children and guests. We also encourage the "Village Style" of supervision, where everyone keeps a common-sense eye on things. There will be no official Taproot supervision of children.
Our farm is set up to be fun and relatively safe; however, it is NOT a soft-floored playground with safety railings. It is possible to get hurt.
Many Taproot Kids know their way around and know the safety guidelines, but many do not. Please use caution and judgment when deciding how much freedom to give your kids at the party.
The weather forecast looks great--sunshine and warmth, perhaps a bit breezy. Please dress for an afternoon of outdoor fun, and protect your family with sunscreen as you prefer.  Mosquitoes can be bothersome, so also consider bringing the bug repellent of your choice.  
Parking and Transportation
Parking may be a challenge! We love challenges. We will park along the driveway and beside the sunflower/zinnia garden at the top of the hill. Please refer to the Taproot Farm Party Map to get the idea. When arriving or departing, please drive very slowly and be patient. Consider pooling with other families to reduce the number of vehicles and carbon footprint.
Food and Drink
We will bake a steady stream of pizzas in the outdoor oven from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., including some gluten-free options. There will be pesto with pine nuts and other possible allergens throughout the process. We will have ice water available and paper cups, but a water bottle will be better. We invite you to bring additional food and non-alcoholic drinks to fill out your family's picnic, as you wish.  You might consider bringing a picnic blanket, seats, or shade structure for a comfy resting spot. 
Restroom and Indoors
The restroom is located in the southeast corner of the house. As Taproot Kids know, it is also totally OK to find a private spot outside to water the prairie. The main floor of the Taproot House will be open; please keep food and drink outside, and do not go downstairs or upstairs. 
Things to Do--The Fun Stuff!
Iowa City's Mudpuppies will be playing oldtime accoustic music on the porch, and they'll have opportunities for audience participation. Dancing and merrymaking are highly encouraged!
The Prairie Maze surrounds the big hay bales to the west of the house. There is no specific start or end, just lots of passages and some dead ends to explore and play in.  The hay bales are for climbing and jumping and maze spotting, and please be sensible--a fall from a bale would be no joke. 
There are lots of friendly animals--dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and goats. Again, common sense is key. Pet the cats but don't pick them up or rub their bellies. The little dog is friendly but very old, deaf, and mostly blind. Please be nice to her! Protect your picnic! The animals will gladly share it. You may catch and hold chickens, but remember, they will likely not cooperate and you must be gentle and calm.
Please stay out of the pig and goat pens but feel free to feed them greens and treats. They'll decline anything that's not good for them. I know the piglets are impossibly cute--there may be opportunities to cuddle with them. 
The beach and pond are open for fishing, canoeing and kayaking, beach play, and swimming.
YOU MUST SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN AT THE POND! We have canoes, kayaks, paddles, and life jackets (though feel free to bring your own PFD).  Bring your own fishing gear. Please catch and release, and let me know what you catch! The Little Pond, to the north, has had very good fishing this summer. 
Each person--adult and child--must wear a life jacket in a boat or swimming beyond the shallow water. 
The East and West Paths are great for a stroll. Take your bug spray and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, native prairie plants, and beautiful views. 
There are lots of flowers everywhere, both wild and cultivated. Feel free to bring jars or vases and take home as many as you like. 
The mission of Taproot, paraphrased, is to save the earth by helping children fall in love with it. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support of the Taproot Tribe over the last ten years.  Thank You!  We look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow, and enjoying our time in nature for the next ten years and beyond!
Zac Wedemeyer