Homeschool Program

Taproot Morning Nature Program for Homeschoolers

Zac Wedemeyer and Wilson the Dog are the lead teachers, joined on occasion by various guest teachers. True to the Taproot Philosophy, kids in this program will have ample time for self-guided play, exploration, and quiet observation in natural settings. This program will also include more structured learning opportunities such as tours of municipal facilities, volunteer work efforts, and visits with local scientists and visionaries.

  • Days: Mondays and Wednesdays. Kids enroll in both days per week, and the sessions follow the ICCSD semesters.
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Dates: September 3 to December 18, and January 21 to May 20
  • Location/Destinations: We'll start and end each morning at Happy Hollow Park in Iowa City. Our destinations will be all over the Iowa City area, most within about a 10-mile radius but occasionally reaching out a bit further.
  • Cost: Fall 2019 is $1176; Spring 2020 is $1344
  • Group Size and Age: Seven children, ages 5-12
  • A Deposit of $250 is required to reserve your child's spot. The deposit is included in the tuition cost, and is refundable before August 1 for the Fall 2019 session, January 1 for the Spring 2020 Session.

The Homeschool Nature Program is similar to other Taproot programs in that it immerses kids in outdoor, nature-filled settings, and places great importance on:

*Using Unconditional Positive Regard and practicing peaceful, effective communication

*Strengthening powers of observation and awareness

*Practicing self care and self sufficiency

*Recognizing and utilizing the spontaneous lessons provided by Nature

*Strong focus on systems thinking

*Individualized learning in a flexible, exploration and inquiry-based framework

Taproot Homeschool Kids will have exposure to language, math, social studies, science, and other school subjects in spontaneous, real-world contexts; however, this is not an "academic" program. Their experiences in the Taproot HSP will certainly support the academic learning endeavors provided by each homeschooling family's own educational program. 


Parents pack a healthy lunch, and we practice a “pack-in, pack-out” policy—meaning that all leftovers and trash from the lunch go home with the child (except compostables that might go to the garden or the pigs). Our hope is to minimize disposable items and packaging. We will usually eat lunch at our day’s destination. Taproot lunch is a sit-down, calm affair where kids practice using good manners and enjoy each other’s company. We take the opportunity to talk about the amazing things that happened to bring the food to our lunch bags, and children and teachers have a chance to express their gratitude for the good things in our lives.

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