Taproot Leadership Camp: Ages 12–18

When: Evening of Friday, June 7 to noon Saturday, June 15
Meeting Location: Harvest Preserve Main Entrance
Group size: Eighteen kids and two adult Taproot teachers
Tuition: $1450 ($250 deposit required at registration)

Leadership Camp is an 8-day sleep away camp. Participants bring a tent and we camp at Harvest Preserve and go on daily field trips to various activities and events. Because it takes place in Iowa City, it is possible to make some custom arrangements if kids have scheduling conflicts or if they have difficulty staying away from home.

Contact Zac if you have questions.

TLC Junior Leader Commitment TLC’ers return for at least one week later in the summer to serve as a Junior Leader in a younger-kids’ camp. These weeks will be scheduled in mid-spring. This is a very important component of the Leadership Camp experience, where Junior Leaders get an intense, authentic opportunity to practice their leadership skills, and provide a tremendously valuable service to Taproot Campers and Teachers. TLC’ers who particularly enjoy being a Junior Leader can sign up for multiple weeks. There are no additional fees for this part of the TLC program.

During TLC, campers:

  • Take a full-day 1st Aid/CPR course and Red Cross Heartsaver certification
  • Learn principles of Nonviolent Communication with an emphasis on working with younger children
  • Gain courage, teamwork, and problem-solving skills on the UI High Adventure Challenge Course
  • Take a day-long canoe/kayak trip on the Cedar River
  • Plan and prepare group meals and shop for food, being mindful of the impact of their spending choices
  • Begin each day with guided relaxation, yoga, trail running, or mindfulness sessions

Semi-structured campfire discussions will delve into topics such as what it means to be a leader and a friend, navigating the pressures and dangers of social media, responding to peer pressure and bullying, making wise choices, and environmental sustainability for teenagers. True to the Taproot philosophy, the camp will provide participants with time to relax and enjoy nature in structured and unstructured ways in between training sessions.

Taproot Leadership Camp has consistently been a life-changing experience for the participants. TLC gives young leaders tools to stay confident and courageous in the face of the increasing challenges of life as they grow older. They further develop their core principles and get to know their authentic selves. They get practice in how to uphold high standards of integrity and commitment. These lead to greater effectiveness, peace, and happiness in their own lives, as well as helping them become excellent and trustworthy examples for their peers and young admirers.

We have high standards for TLC participants and teachers. It’s a program where Unconditional Positive Regard is taken seriously and people are expected to be excellent to each other at all times. Kids should come to TLC excited to exercise and strengthen their kindness and integrity and be their authentic true selves. Participants will certainly learn about leadership and integrity during their week; however, TLC is not a “boot camp” style program where kids get firm redirection to a “better” path. Kids need to come into the TLC program ready and eager to cooperate and make a positive contribution. Contact us if you have questions!