Bad News and Good News!

The bad news is we only have one week of camp left. The good news is we still have one week of camp left! This summer is ripening like a peach and the Taproot Kids and teachers are enjoying it to the fullest.

It has been a rich and amazingly fun summer, but not without challenge: Smoky air, blazing heat, aggressive wasps, and strong storms have all tested us at times. But that’s real life! In Taproot, we talk about and celebrate humans’ remarkable ability to adapt, and this summer gave us many opportunities to utilize our adaptability superpowers! The Taproot teachers, kids, and families stayed flexible, positive, brave, and supportive of each other, and we have come through even stronger than before.

In addition to the tough stuff, we’ve landed many fish including some truly giant ones, eaten countless delicious mulberries, raspberries, blackberries, wild cherries, and plums, golden oyster and wood ear mushrooms, and garden-grown tomatoes and zucchini, built intricate and impressive sand and water structures, watched swallows swoop and vultures soar, curated museums of exquisite fossils and pretty rocks, splashed and swam in cool waters, painted with mud and berry juice, joked and laughed, played our hearts out in various games and were gracious in both victory and defeat, jammed out to good music, made new friends, arranged beautiful prairie flower bouquets, explored deep caves, climbed high trees, and did tons of other great things. We have not found an arrowhead or a mammoth tooth yet this summer, but there’s still a week left!

Huge thanks to all of you who joined in to make this such a wonderful summer.