Vote for the 2021 Taproot T-Shirt!

This is going to be another tough choice. We only got a few drawings this year, but they are really really good.

Each interested human gets one vote. Everybody–You, me, the sitter, Grandma, Uncle Shagbark from across the Skunk River, everybody! Feel free to forward to friends and extended family, and “recommend” which picture they should vote for. Remember, any interested human can vote, but please only vote once! Taproot believes in the Honor System.

Check out the pictures below, then email your household’s votes to Info@TaprootNatureExperience.org by Thursday, June 3.

When you’re ready, send Zac an email with your household’s votes by Thursday, June 3. Remember, everybody can vote!



Write a Testimonial?

Good news! The new, professionally-built Taproot Website is about to launch! I have high hopes this will improve the user experience and ease some of the communication and registration difficulties we’ve had for … well, ever. I have a request–I want to include some heartfelt testimonials from Taproot Parents and Kids. If you and your children have had a good experience with Taproot and you’d be willing to tell others about it, I would be grateful if you’d send me some words of support I could include in the new website. Thank you!



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