Spring Registration and Announcing Taproot Foundations!

Fostering a generation of people who know, love, enjoy, and actively care for our earth and all of its citizens.

This is Taproot’s mission. It’s what guides us as we develop new Taproot programs and offerings. Taproot is an organization firmly rooted in our family and community. All Taproot programs–Sprouts, ASP, Leadership Camp–have come about in response to our own family’s changing needs as well as to perceived needs and opportunities in the community. Just like many of you, our little kids are maturing into young adults, and their fears and challenges are evolving too. We’re always thinking about how to support our children with establishing and maintaining self care and healthy routines, balancing the rigorous demands of school and extracurricular activities, managing social media and connecting with peers, doing good for others, and understanding and staying true to themselves. Under the constant awareness of global crises like social injustice, war, climate change, and environmental collapse, a critical challenge for child and parent alike is how to fend off feelings of hopelessness and despair.

We are honored to announce the Taproot Foundations program for high schoolers.
Built on Taproot’s principles of unconditional positive regard, nonviolent communication, and a deep connection with nature, Foundations is an 11-month program that explores self-understanding, health, communication, goal setting, community involvement, and finding purpose, among other important topics for this pivotal time in our young people’s lives.

Through engaging activities and excursions, rich outdoor time, group and individual conversations, listening, reading, and creative assignments, our goal is to create a safe, supportive, and curious community of peers and mentors who begin to develop a strong sense of self and goals, learn ways to structure their days and choices to pursue these goals, and how to support each other and their broader communities through listening and learning, leadership, and good works. Foundations culminates in a Spring Break trip to the amazing natural and cultural paradise of the Ecuador coast. Look to next month’s Taproot newsletter for details about the Foundations program, the Ecuador adventure, and how your high school students can participate.

Taproot Sprouts, ASP, and Home School Programs start soon!

Spring Taproot begins right after Spring Break! Sign your Taproot Kids up for antler hunting, woodland wildflowers, morel mushrooms, feisty fish, capture the flag, tree climbing, baby lambs, creek exploration, swimming, sand engineering, and other delights of this sweetest of seasons. Visit the Taproot website for Information and Registration for spring Taproot Sprouts for 3-5-year-olds, Home-School and After-School Programs for elementary age kids.